Antiracist Everyday

A hub center to help you become a more thoughtful and effective antiracist. Products and services created by @Chakita_Sharnise, founder of @unitedstreettours.

7-Day Antiracism Challenge

The ‘7 Day Antiracism Challenge’ is your starting point. When it comes to incorporating antiracism practices within your family, workspaces, and community, START HERE. The challenge is the first step to making antiracism a lifestyle. 

Antiracism Success Planner

The ‘Antiracism Success Planner’ is my #1 resource to help you learn how to create action steps that actually translates to being antiracist everyday plus track your success. Regular price $20.

Antiracism social media audit

The ‘Antiracism Social Media Audit’ is a tool to help you learn what’s working and what can be improved upon across your social media channels. This is a simple yet necessary step in your antiracism journey.

Online courses

Responding To Racism (Part I)

The online course ‘Secrets To Responding To Racism (Part I) is a new online course that shows the unknown secret strategy for responding to every day racism. 

antiracism and civil rights in american life

The online course ‘Antiracism And Civil Rights In American Life’ is a course that bridges black history and antiracism. This course dismisses whitewashed history so that you can have an authentic lens. 

Our Tours


United Street Tours offers a series of 5-star rated, historical Nashville walking tours that are led and curated by locals. Our Nashville walking tours embrace those pieces of black history in Nashville that have been ripped apart and buried beneath the bricks of the main-stream. Together, we will unearth the fragments and piece them together with extraordinary stories that leave you more educated and inspired to become bridge builders in your community.